Supporting the Next Generation

The aim of the European Shopping Places Trust is to aid and support the attainment of professional education and help further the career development of the next generation of professionals. It does this through sponsorship of individual students through a number of recognised courses.

One of the main investments the Trust has made over the last ten years is the financial support of student attending the former International Council of Shopping Centres European Property School. Additionally the Trust is keen to support students attending the REVO Diploma in Retail & Leisure Place Management at Solent University, Southampton, UK and the Alp Alkas Real Estate Centre courses led from Istanbul, Turkey.

ESPT is an independent Trust and will consider financing other educational or research initiatives that can be shown to support career development for young professionals working or aspiring to work in the retail and leisure sector including mixed use property, town and city centres.

Promoting pan-European Research

The ESPT will also consider applications for relevant pan-European Research projects that can inform and highlight future trends in the wider industry in Europe.

The Trust has a reputation for producing industry leading projects such as ‘The Importance of Shopping Centres to the European Economy’ which was widely cited in the media.

To discuss a research project please make contact with a Trustee in the first instance to determine the suitability and objectives of the topic or survey goals.

Financing educational initiatives and scholarships

Young professionals wishing to apply for educational funding should contact the Trust Chairman, Arcadio Gil or Hon Treasurer, Eileen Connolly outlining their reasons for doing so and complete the 2024 Application Form downloadable from here.

Consideration will be given to support for relevant academic courses which support continuous professional development or new skills applicable to the wider retail industry. Priority will be given to young professionals who are connected to their National Councils and shopping places industry as the Trust seeks to support the next generation of innovators and influencers.

Fundraising for industry initiatives

What ESPT does

  • Supports the next generation of business innovators and influencers
  • Promotes Pan- European research
  • Finances Educational Initiatives and Scholarships

To ensure continuity for the future, the Trustees welcome donations from companies and individuals. Specific programmes can be sponsored and be recognised with the donor company or individual so that they can engage in social and corporate giving.

The advantage of this is that ESPT will promote a co-ordinated education programme and monitor its implementation, whilst the benefactor can quite rightly receive the accolade they deserve for assisting the industry and giving something back to the wider community.

Any Trustee may be approached in confidence for initial enquiries.

The work of the European Shopping Places Trust makes an essential contribution to the industry. Properly qualified professionals have the vision to make the right decisions for their businesses, benefiting European economies, boosting employment and providing attractive environments where communities thrive.

For more information on how to get involved in the Trust’s work contact Arcadio Gil, Chairman, ESPT on