The ESPT was established when the European Council integrated with the International Council of Shopping Centres in 1998. Accumulated surplus member funds were put into trust for the benefit of the industry. Trustees are all senior professionals from the retail real estate industry, taking responsibility for the right allocation of funds.
In keeping with changes in our industry the Trust will be known as the European Shopping Places Trust reflecting the shift in emphasis to new retail and leisure formats across Europe.
The Trust is pleased to be closely aligned with the new European Council of Shopping Places and welcomes applications from young professionals and  Next Generation members of the National Councils representing the European industry.
The Trustees meet quarterly to review applications. Urgent enquiries can be sent to the Chairman or Treasurer at any time.
Arcadio Gil

ESPT Trust Chair
ICSC Distinguished Service Award
Past ICSC Global Awards Jury
Chief Executive Officer, LaSBA

“Europe’s shopping centre market requires high level knowledge and skills. Permanent education and research development help dynamic companies and professionals to stand for a more competitive future.”

Bertrand Courtois-Suffit

ESPT Trustee and Vice Chair
Chairman of Mall & Partners

Chairman of the CNCC Technical Commission
Chairman of the European Security Group
Past Chairman of the ICSC European Board
ICSC Distinguished Service Award

“One of ESPT’s main investments has been the financial support of students attending the respected annual ICSC European Retail Property School, who were unable to secure funding to do this elsewhere.”

Eileen Connolly

ESPT Trustee and Hon. Treasurer
Past ICSC Solal Awards Jury Chair
ICSC Distinguished Service Award
Managing Director, AL Marketing

“My experience with marketing will help with securing new funds for the ESPT’s ongoing initiatives.”

Avi Alkas

Representative for the Alp Alkas ICSC Foundation Scholarship Fund
ICSC Distinguished Service Award

“I am passionate about the need for good quality professional education because I know the difference it can make to a career.”

Derek Barker

ESPT Trust Enforcer
Past ICSC Global Awards Jury Chair
Past ESPT Trustee
ICSC Distinguished Service Award
Consultant, Ryder Architecture

“Successful retail development supports local communities across Europe, boosting local economies and delivering employment opportunities.”